Three Treasures Yoga is proud to have three different instructors, each sharing their own voice, style and pulse around the world.  Beyond our teacher trainings, Massimo, Molly and Wade are creating workshops, retreats and other trainings to share yoga, create community and bring clarity and purpose back in view.  Take a look at their individual projects here. “We travel not to escape life, but rather for life not to escape us."

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Three Treasures Yoga Teacher

Retreats with MOLLY

I am poignantly reminded of how stepping away from our “norm” from time to time can sometimes be the best medicine that we can take. I have found that the combination of yoga practice, elements of Chinese medicine and other healing traditions and cultural immersion is a powerful vehicle for refreshing, re-nourishing and re-inspiring our lives. Stepping out of our normal, every day routine is the perfect way to see life from new perspectives. Even if you have a wonderful life, travel is an extraordinary way to experience new cultures, meet new people and to be exposed to aspects of life that you never imagined. Combining this with a daily mindfulness practice becomes a powerful tool for growth, empowerment, creativity, healing and rejuvenation. In yoga, we endeavor to embrace each moment with a sense of wonder and curiosity, as if each moment were a new experience. Traveling reminds us strongly of what this feels like, so that when we return home to a familiar setting we can more easily carry with us a sense of wonder and clarity.  

Molly creates and hosts different types of retreats around the world, from service based explorations and dedicated healing retreats to more easy going yoga holidays.  Join her on the road, and explore the yoga of life! 

Three Treasures Yoga Teacher

Retreats with MASSIMO

I have been organizing yoga vacations and yoga retreats for over 20 years in several countries in Europe. In this period I have acquired a lot of experience and in 2014  gave birth to “Holismos Yoga Holidays”. I love  yoga and I enjoy the practice in beautiful natural settings. With this project I intend to share the passion and love for yoga with others, experiencing, with new friends, an interesting, relaxing and enjoyable holiday. With great care I have chosen for you the best possible location at the best possible price. I love to share the beauty of these places with people that likewise, believe in the value of practice, wellness, relaxation, friendship and evolution.

Three Treasures Yoga Teacher

Retreats with WADE

Wade leads yoga retreats around the world and believes that as we explore other countries and cultures we can truly understand humanity in it’s fullness. His love for adventure, language and spirituality, along with his 25+ years of traveling the globe inspire him to share these gifts with others. The retreat destinations change every year offering a variety of locations to experience and check off the bucket list!

Each of his retreats are Vinyasa Flow based and showcase the other limbs of yoga, whether it be meditation, dharma, bhakti or even Thai yoga. The community he has cultivated for these journeys keep coming back again and again, as friendships and bonds are truly special. Check out the link below and see if one of these retreats is calling you!