Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher Training Italy Yoga Retreat Yoga Training
“It completely transformed me as a person and truly made me see and feel ‘the light.’ Being one of the youngest there - age 23 at the time - I grew tremendously. A memory that sends me into blissful heaven, is thinking of Wade playing a harmonium on the grounds of the center, overlooking the rolling Tuscan hills, singing melodic, Sanskrit songs, with a small group of us staying up past our bedtime.” @organicchicyogafreak .
— Pippa - England (2018)
To take part in a 200 hours teacher training with Three Treasures Yoga was one of the best decisions in my life so far. The course was very well-balanced & complete with subjects like yoga philosophy, anatomy, asana study, pranayama, meditation, nutrition, music / mantra singing & healing techniques. The teachers Molly Cofman, Massimo Cantara & Wade Gotwals are experts in their field and all very helpful, lovely people with their hearts in the right place. The 2,5 hours yoga class each morning was one of my highlights, followed by Massimo’s music sessions. This course has given me all the tools I need to start teaching yoga. I will never forget our teachers and my fellow students from all over the world and the great time we had at this beautiful place in Tuscany (Catabbio near Saturnia).
— Edith - Austria (2017)
It have been a great time and an amazing experience. In the middle of deep Toscany, 3 teachers shared with us all their knowledge to bring us to a teacher level. Through asanas, music, philosophy, anatomy, and all yoga fondamentals, they drove us to self confidence and practices mastery. Food was very good. Group ambiance was very nice. It was perfect.
— Evelyne - France (2017)
This was one of the best experiences I have ever had. The dynamic between the teachers was amazing, and being surrounded by such positive, supportive and loving individuals made this training unforgettable. We covered so much material, but the teachers were very understanding as students got overwhelmed. Everything was great, from the accommodations to the meals and day-off excursions. I can’t say enough good things about this training, I can’t wait to go back for the 500 hour course!
— Daniella - USA (2017)
You arrive as a student, leave as a teacher. With a backpack of knowledge, insights about yogaphilosophy, anatomy, asana’s. the tree treasures teachers have such a good energy. What a safe place to grow and learn in every way.
— Eva - Belgium (2017)
Hello Massimo, Molly and Virginia, I hope you are all splendid. Finally I am sending my practicum. It was a very interesting process. I also teach a group of 6-10 people in Vienna each week and really enjoy it. Thank you again for all the information we received during the teacher training. I really enjoyed it and have good memories. Lots of love.
— Steffi - Austria (2017)
Profesionally, enthusiastically and pasionately presented with love. Wade: warm, loving and supportive. Loved the story telling of the Sanskrit and the play acting. You have another career blossoming. Massimo: Loved your first drumming class you did with Wade. Wonderful to have a musician on the team. Humanly supportive and kind. Molly: Intelligence and kindness in abundance. Thank you for holding me when I needed it, it has been much appreciated. Loved the atmosphere you all created; that was so conducive to learning. Thank you all for providing guidance with such warm support that I know will be of great value as I head into my 70th year.
— Zannie - Australia (2017)
It has been one of the best experience in my life for several reasons. First of all, the proffesionalism and expertise of the 3 teachers to be highlighted. They are experts in diverse fields, they have built a program that really helped me to learn useful things about yoga philosophy, practice and anatomy. They also trasmit all this knowledge with passion and a clear methodology. The place is also amazing. Practicing and learning in the nature, in this magical place helped me to connect with myself and disconnect from the “noise” of the city. This environment was ideal for me to focus on the life and learning experience.. And the last but not the least, the amazing people I met there. When I was loooking for a YTT I had many doubts about how the teachers would be (I really wanted to learn yoga from real experts!) and the people I could met there ( it is 3 intense weeks and it is very important!). Both aspects were amazing, we all became a family, still in touch! I am ready to continue my yoga trip and to become a solid Yoga Teacher. Thanks to all La Croce family!
— Leire - Madrid, Spain (2016)
La Croce: Rustic. Charming. Nestled in the luscious Tuscan mountains, La Croce offers stunning views of nature in her majesty. Morning yoga on the platform in the mountain air is so therapeutic. Although it can be a bit nippy, the morning sun when it lands on your mat is so gloriously warming. Listening to and being one with nature was music to my soul and just what my body needed. Fresh air. Glorious sunshine. Stunning views. Sounds heavenly, right? But it doesn’t end there. The food and the staff: Helpful. Funny. Friendly. Yummy. Delicious. And oh so good. The staff were also quite patient and dedicated to ensuring that I wasn’t left without several options even for dessert (especially since I have so many intolerances and dietary restrictions). Not an easy task but they did it graciously. The Training Alignment and Integrity. I can still hear the cues and the invitations to consider your intentions and the possibilities of modifications and deeper explorations. All three teachers have different styles which complemented each other and supported our varied needs and our numerous questions. And boy, oh boy, we had questions! The Three Treasures trio are knowledgeable, approachable and were incredibly patient with the questions we relentlessly fired at them. Joy and freedom The training was rigorous. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. There’s no denying that. There was so much information (theoretical and practical) to cover; however, it was given in a spirit of joy and we had freedom to explore and reflect and to take what we needed whilst invited to consider why/why not. I enjoyed so many of the practices even when I was tired and sore. A few do stand out: outdoor yoga with drumming and an indoor yin yoga session. I would happily repeat this experience. The only thing I would do differently is pack my fleece onesie to wear at the start of morning yoga on the platform. La Croce with Three Treasures Yoga was an amazing experience.
— Anne Marie - London, UK (2016)
When I embarked on my journey at Three Treasures Yoga, I didn’t know what to expect. I signed up thinking I really like yoga and yoga teacher training sounded fun, so I might as well give it a shot. The first day, a bunch of us arrived together. We were welcomed with open arms to a place that instantly felt like home and I had the thought, “This is exactly where I am meant to be at this moment.” Words cannot express how truly grateful I am to have found this YTT program at this time in my life. I had been struggling a lot with injuries and a very stressful job over the last year which had left me feeling unhappy with my life. This experience transformed my outlook and my entire way of thinking. It gave me a new perspective on how to think outside myself at the bigger picture of life and gave me lifelong friendships that I will always cherish. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to give themselves a gift that will change their life.
— Becky Altman, USA (2016)
Very professionally organised and thorough training course. I fell well prepared to begin my own practice and to start teaching. Massimo: Thank you for all your anatomy knowledge! Great chanting and drumming. Impressive knowledge of anatomy Molly: Very professional. Held the “space” for us to learn and grow. I appreciated your organization and vas knowledge. Virginia: Loved your yin yoga class. Impressive knowledge of the yoga positions. Very interesting to observe and learn from your yoga instruction. Thank you
— Tania Manczarek, USA
I have really appreciated what I see as the “mooladhara” gross structure that has helped to enhance my physical and spititual practice. Nice place, clean environment, always clean toilets. Very nice and tasting organic food.
— Cristina Spada, Italy
The content was vast, basic and gave a good overview of the many aspects of practicing and teaching yoga. I found teaching to be clear, well guided and well explained. I would recommend anyone who is thinking about becoming a teacher or anyone who would just like to improve their practice or broaden their yoga knowledge.
— Cara Hopkins, Australia
The course satisfied more than I expected and gave me a guidline to follow and look for even more informations about each topic discussed.
— Alice Monti, Italy
I googled “10 best teacher training in Europe”, which lead me to a page that had your page on. I have learned a lot and feel lucky found your Teacher Training.
— Annemarie, Denmark