Three Treasures Yoga Teacher

Molly Cofman

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Molly believes that the stillness that many seek is not lack of movement, but rather an experience of living in which the energy of the body is fluid and uninhibited so that we might experience vibrance without chaos. Molly endeavors to facilitate in each person that she teaches, the start of or continuation of a journey of wonder and discovery.

 Three Treasures Yoga Teacher

Massimo Cantara

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Massimo spent 12 years practicing Shorinji Kempo (2° Dan) bothi in London and Japan, but trained originally as a percussionist, playing for many years in various groups in the UK and in Italy. Today one of his main interest is the study of sound, vibration and their effects in our lives and evolution.
He speaks Italian and English.Feature 2

 Three Treasures Yoga Teacher

Wade Gotwals

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Wade’s workshops, teacher trainings and retreats you can expect a creative vinyasa flow based practice, with individual attention to sequencing and challenging poses deconstructed so everyone is able to approach at their level. Each training also showcases some of the other limbs of yoga whether it be meditation, dharma, bhakti or even thai yoga. Wade strives to find interesting ways to keep others inspired and connected and receiving inspiration from others is what keeps his love for yoga alive.”